Friday, August 19, 2016

Richmond from Manchester - stereoview by D.H. Anderson, Richmond, Virginia, 1870s.

This stereoview card by D. H. Anderson of Richmond, Virginia is currently for sale on Ebay.  The view of Richmond is looking across the James river from Manchester. Great image.

- Ray

Richmond Planet images from Library of Congress ca 1899

From the American Memory website of the Library of Congress I noticed some time ago that they had these three images associated with the Richmond Planet, the most successful African American newspaper in Richmond of the late 19th and early 20th century.  It ran from 1883 to 1938.  The image above is labeled as "People posed on porch of and in the Planet newspaper publishing house, Richmond, Virginia" and given the date ca. 1899.

The image above is labeled on the Library of Congress site
as "Composing room of the Planet newspaper, Richmond, Virginia" ca. 1899.

 The third and last image from the Library of Congress website of Richmond Planet
images is labeled by them as "Press room of the Planet newspaper, Richmond, Virginia" ca. 1899. 
 - Ray

Monday, August 8, 2016

Richmond Planet invoice, 100 years ago tomorrow, August 9, 1916.

Saw this on Ebay - can't buy every neat thing that pops up there but some things are worth sharing.  This invoice is dated August 9, 1916. It appears to be a large printing order by the National Ideal Benefit Society of Richmond, Virginia - an African American insurance company connected to the United Order of True Reformer. The Richmond Planet was the most successful African American newspaper in Richmond - the editor John Mitchell, Jr.  It's very odd that I found this on Ebay a day before its 100 year birthday. 

Here's the reverse of the document:

- Ray.

From the Vernon Gallery at 107 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA - A. De Lemos, Propr. ca 1890. -

Found this for sale on Ebay...    The back reads: "Duplicates can be procured any time. Special attention given to all kinds of portraiture in Crayon, Ink, Oil or Water Color.  Vernon Gallery, A. De Lemos, Propr. 107 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA."

- Ray.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Layton's Studio photographs,, Richmond, Virginia, 1926.

This photograph proof (and the second one below) were sent through the mail in June of 1926 from the Layton's Studio photographers of 507 E. Broad Street to a Mrs. N. Blakemore of 15 E. Grace Street - about 5 blocks away. Nine decades later they ended up for sale on Ebay and I purchased them for a very modest sum. 

This is one of two images sent to  Mrs. N. Blakemore.

Front of the envelope - mailed June 1926 - nearly 90 years ago.

Back of the envelope.

I love their motto:

- Ray