Friday, August 7, 2009

First Psychedelic Rock Concert in Richmond (and Virginia) took place 42 years (& 3 days) ago on W. Broad Street, August 4, 1967.

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The image above [which is a copy - an original is held by the Library of Virginia] is the poster for what was billed as the first psychedelic dance (rock concert) in Virginia - which took place in Richmond on August 4, 1967 at the Tantilla Gardens Ballroom on West Broad Street. The band was called the Actual Mushroom - made up of students from Richmond Professional Institute (now VCU). It featured a female singer. I believe this was the only time they performed together.

Colored lights provided by the crew that became the Air Flow Light Show (headed by Chuck Wrenn, Richmond's Rock-N-Roll impresario). I'm certain that Chuck did the artwork for this poster. Check out the places listed on the poster where you could buy tickets. All gone now.

Ross Mackenzie covered the event for the Richmond News-Leader and wrote that the band sounded like a “streetcar screeching to a stop.” Another account of the show (most likely the Richmond Times-Dispatch) stated that the dance was attended by “about 1000 people." Very Groovy.

Check out this site for more about Richmond and Virginia's Rock-N-Roll History. The Library of Virginia also has other images of posters from the Tantilla Gardens Ballroom.

- Ray B.

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F.T. Rea said...

In the 1970s Chuck and several of his friends who were at that show used to get together every Aug. 4, for an Actual Mushroom Day reunion party.