Friday, October 16, 2009

The Biograph Theatre, 1972-1987.

The Biograph - 814 W. Grace St.

Do you Remember the Biograph Theatre? It was THE alternative movie house in Richmond from 1972 through 1987. It stood at 814 W. Grace St. - located inches from VCU. It was a haven for film fans. I have many great memories of going to the Biograph - some of which were brought back by visiting two web sites created by writer/illustrator/free speech advocate F.T. Rea, the manager of the Biograph from 1972-1983. Check out Terry's blogs: the
Biograph Archives and SLANTblog - both of which have recent posts that include links to videos of Richmond's past.

What are your memories of The Biograph?

- Ray B.


claymont said...

I remember there was an odd little stand in the lobby that held the Slant, I think. Instead of casters on the bottom of its little legs it had baby shoes. This holder of magazines later appeared at another Richmond establishment but now is long gone, I am afraid. My girlfriend at the time would go and get a small bottle of Christian Brothers brandy and go to the Biograph and see a movie, no matter how odd, upsetting or bizarre, every Saturday night, and there were some odd ones. The Biograph is probably one of the few things I miss about the 1980s.

FDR said...

I have a vague memory of that stand.

One of the coolest things they had in there was the very large mural made from movie posters.

And remember Don's Hot Nuts next door?!?!? He was sore on that street - always pestering people to come in his little store for peanuts. He bugged the Biograph folks by selling things to their movie going patrons including things to throw during the midnight showings of Rocky Horror...

mikimeach said...

The Summer I turned 16 or 17?? We went every weekend to partici- SAY IT-pate in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
As a young girl the Biograph helped open my eyes/mind to what w wonderfully diverse and cool place the Richmond really is!!!

Great little theatre where many memories and friendships were made. I remember it fondly and often!!

Anonymous said...

My friends and I would checkout a film from time to time,we once saw a movie hosted by Alice Walker on female genital mutilation, and we met former VCU music teacher the late Dika Newland (I might have the name spelled wrong)once during a film festival.