Monday, March 15, 2010

Social Survey of North Madison Ward, Richmond, VA, Oct. 1919

Social Survey of North Madison Ward, Richmond, VA, Oct. 1919 is another new acquisition to Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell library, VCU Libraries. The 54-page document undertaken by Broad Street Methodist Church contains maps, photographs, and tables documenting this area of the city: "South, the James River; North, Shockoe Valley; East, Twelfth Street;, West, First Street."  

This survey of the North Madison Ward neighborhood provides a detailed look at the ethnicity of the area (whites, blacks, Jews, Irish, Italian, etc.) and also looked in detail as to the "probable continuation of the encroachment of the colored people on the territory now occupied by whites."

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Map of North Madison Ward, Richmond, Va, 1919 -
the black areas showing where African Americans were living and working.

-- R. Bonis


Anonymous said...

this is actually a combanation of jackson and monroe wards

Anonymous said...

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