Monday, April 19, 2010

The Devil's Triangle, Richmond, Va - It's gotten some publicity of late.

(Click for much larger view.)

This map from 1889 shows what it referred to as "Sheppard's Addition" - an area just west of the Boulevard between Broad Street and Grove. A small portion of this area earned the name the "Devil's Triangle" in the 1980s because of its many rowdy bars.  Notice the layout of the Soldier's Home to the south. This image is from “Atlas of the City of Richmond, Virginia and Vicinity,” published in Philadelphia: by G. William Baist, 1889.)

Thanks to VCU journalism student Alix Bryan, Richmond's Devil's Triangle neighborhood has received some publicity of late - all of it good.  Bryant has done some fine reporting about the Devil's Triangle - visit this site for her interviews of local residents and her take on this neighborhood. Visit this blog on the neighborhood too. 

- Ray B.


HEK said...

Check out those street names...Deep Run Street, Leonard Street which seems to be Kensington. Wonder if that's where the latter Leonard Parkway came from? Love these old maps.

T. Tyler Potterfield -- Ray Bonis--Catherine L. Easterling--Selden Richardson said...


Click on the image twice and you'll get a larger view - and it looks like Kensington is already there - Leonard appears to be Patterson.

- Ray

A P said...

Who is Sheppard anyway?

FDR said...

If you go to:

You can read all about Dr. Sheppard.

- Ray