Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Your Spring Park Trip, Monroe Park concert, April 5, 1970 - 40 years ago.

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"Your Spring Park Trip" - advertisement from the April 1970 issue of the Richmond Chronicle, an underground newspaper published monthly in Richmond, Va in the late 1960s/early 1970s. This advertisement is for a free concert in Monroe Park for April 5, 1970 from "noon 'till dusk."

I had assumed that the Family Dog listed here was the "Family Dog Productions" that put on concerts in San Francisco and in California but someone suggested to me that it could also be a band named after the production company. The bands listed here include Zion Crossroads, Past Existence, and Blue Al Furd. I would love to learn more about these bands - were they local or from out of state?

Just over a month later, May 10, 1970, there was another concert in Monroe Park that ended in tragedy. Wilmer C. Donivan, Jr. was killed when the multi-tier, cast-iron fountain broke off and fell on Donivan, 17, crushing his chest and pinning him under about 18 inches of water. The fountain had broke because two youths had climbed it and began shaking it back and forth.

Terry Rea wrote about Monroe Park that weekend at his Fan District Hub site (thanks Terry for helping me with the dates!) - read it HERE.

--  Ray B.

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