Friday, June 11, 2010

What block is this in Richmond?

Can you guess what block of Richmond this is?
Let us know by leaving a comment - just click on "comments" below. 

Four Hints:

 1.) These buildings were torn down by VCU. 
2.) The image is dated March 1978.
3.) This street is now closed to traffic.
4.) Other structures have now replaced these demolished buildings.


rad707 said...


Jon said...

900 block of Park Ave from March of 1978?

you left the answer in the file name :-)

Anonymous said...

"Torn down by VCU?" Hell, that could be anywhere. Everywhere.

Ray B. said...

serves me right for putting the name in the file, next time I'll pick something harder


Ray B.

Tony Altman said...

The street on the south side of Monroe Park.
"A student of VCU from the early 1970s"