Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Show Me Your Richmond" - Current TV's JT Gets a tour of Richmond with Dave Brockie, 2008.

"Show Me Your Richmond" is not the most accurate "history" of Richmond. Consider it an irreverent look at the city - part of a series of "Show Me Your (city)" videos produced by Current TV.  

The video, filmed in 2008 and running 8 minutes, is worth watching because you get to meet a few interesting Richmond characters including Dave Brockie (musician - GWAR/Death Piggy), Noah Scalin (Skull a Day), Dirt Woman (Donny Corker), and Wes Freed (artist).

Visit the site below to watch the film and then check out the many responses to the video (especially the ones by HarryK). A two minute video of outtakes is available Here.


Anonymous said...

I want my eight minutes twenty-four seconds back.

Ray said...


HEK said...

I'm always befuddled by when given the opportunity, how some individuals choose to poor mouth Richmond, (he sniffed). As though anybody ever thought our fair city was either perfect or New York. I left my remarks on the site when the video first aired.