Monday, October 18, 2010

Rare view of 200 E. Franklin Street, Richmond, Va., ca. 1915

Rare postcard image, ca. 1915.

Built in the 1890s,  this house at 200 E. Franklin Street was one of a number of Richardsonian style houses built east of Belvidere but few remain. Variations of these dark brownstone buildings, many with large arches over the doorways and corner towers, were more popular in what is now Richmond’s Fan District where many survive.

Mrs. “Fannie” M. Horace Wellford Jones ran a boarding house at this address. She later would own the “Rosegill Tea Room” at 20 W. Franklin Street, the forerunner to Morton’s Tea Room which operated at that address from 1952 through 1991. 

- Ray B.

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