Thursday, November 11, 2010

"The Burial Ground: An Early African American Site in Richmond, Virginia." Notes On Its History and Location by Jeffrey Ruggles.

"The Burial Ground: An Early African American site in Richmond.
Notes on its History and Location."
By Jeffrey Ruggles.

We have another submission from Jeffrey Ruggles. He has provided us with a PDF of his article about the "Negro Burial Ground" in Richmond. Here is some background about Jeffrey:
"Although not born in Richmond, Jeffrey Ruggles has lived in the Richmond area since high school. He received his B.A. from the University of Virginia and an M.F.A. in design/photography from Virginia Commonwealth University. In the 1980s, Ruggles worked as a photographer for the 1708 Gallery and Anderson Gallery and assisted with text, illustrations, and the design of 32 Canal Walk Historical Marker panels installed between downtown Richmond and Brown’s Island.

Ruggles recently left the Virginia Historical Society (VHS) where he was Curator of Prints and Photographs. While at the VHS, he curated two online exhibitions and four physical exhibitions. Ruggles also helped organize "Hidden Things Brought to Light: Finding Lumpkin's Jail and Locating the Burial Ground for Negroes," a conference at the Virginia Historical Society in February 2009. In addition to his work at the VHS, Ruggles is the author of The Unboxing of Henry Brown (2003) and Photography in Virginia (2008)."  - from:

Some links on the topic:

Preliminary Archaeological Investigation of the Lumpkin's Jail Site (44HE1053), Richmond, Virginia - Prepared For the City of Richmond by Matthew R. Laird, Ph.D., James River Institute for Archaeology, Inc., Willimsburg, Virginia, May 2006.

Burial Ground for Negroes, Richmond, Virginia: Validation and Assessment Research Summary - A 16 page report prepared by the Department of Historic Resources, June 25, 2008. 

Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project is a citizens group affiliated with the Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, an all-volunteer community organization based in Richmond, Va. Both groups are involved in helping to document and educate the public about Richmond's slave history.


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