Monday, December 13, 2010

Jurgen's Furniture Store - An Envelope Reveals Some Lost History, 1911

Images of buildings are vital to researchers interested in architectural history. A little known source for images is the stationary used by late 19th and early 20th century businesses. Envelopes and billheads also served as advertisements and were often illustrated with images of store fronts, factories, and warehouses.

This image of an envelope postmarked February 15, 1911 shows the building used by the Chas. G. [Gottlieb] Jurgens’ Son, Furniture and Carpets (established in 1888). The store, located at 27 W. Broad St,. was built 1906-1907. What makes this image especially interesting is that it shows the original top two floors which were lost to fire in 1921. The letterhead image is courtesy of Special Collections and Archives, VCU Libraries.

in a March 3, 1907 article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The building today houses the restaurant Bristro 27  - Here's a more recent view from Google Maps:

- Ray B.

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