Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can you name this location in Richmond?

Can you name the location of this site in Richmond?

Or the year?

The answer will appear on Monday.


Anonymous said...

That is an astonishing image of one of Richmond's iconic buildings standing above an amazing collection of housing. I'm anxiously waiting to hear about the source of the image and the date.

Amerikan Rambler said...

Hmm. Oregon Hill, 1888?

Anonymous said...

Oregon Hill? Not even close.

Bryan said...

Well, the big house on the hill looks to be the the White House of the Confederacy, so the location would be the hillside to the east (at the dead-end of Clay Street). The picture shows that the house has a third floor, which wasn't added until 1857 - so my guess would be immediately after the Civil War as far as the date goes.