Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Floyd Ave. - Then and Now.

900 Block of Floyd Avenue -  Looking West, ca. 1898.


Same block of Floyd Ave. - Google Maps Image, ca. 2008.

All but one house demolished by VCU (on the left, house built by architect/builder Gilbert Hunt).
James Branch Cabell Library on the right.

I think I prefer the Then.

- Ray B.


Jon said...

I definitely prefer then.

What is in the middle of the road in the distance in the "Then" picture? Looks like some kind of statue? Or is it a church steeple?

Ray Bonis -- Catherine L. Easterling -- T. Tyler Potterfield -- Edward DuBois Ragan -- Selden Richardson. said...

I wondered that too - if you click on the image twice (like magic) it blows up kinda big. It looks like a church. I will investigate and post another blog entry when I find the answer.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I knew Cabell was heinous. I didn't know they demolished some beautiful buildings to put it up. Eww.

Anonymous said...

Richmond looked like such a great and classy city back then... Now look at it... utter trash.