Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grace Place - Demolished.

Selden Richardson submitted this image of  the demolition of the 1890s-era building that housed Grace Place.  Does anyone know the year this building was demolished?


Jon said...

My memory is hazy on this, but I'm going to guess 2003?

I didn't even know it was being torn down, I just drove by one day and it was gone. Sad.

jeff said...

Well, I have a photo from 2006, and I know it was gone by mid 2007, because I have a photo of them tearing down it's neighbors and I know it was gone when that happened. I remember always wondering what kind of person lived in this house, with its overgrown shrubs and iron fence.

Ray Bonis -- Catherine L. Easterling -- T. Tyler Potterfield -- Edward DuBois Ragan -- Selden Richardson. said...

Thanks Jeff. Great (sad really) images.

- Ray