Friday, February 4, 2011

Historic Images found in Richmond Magazine.

Richmond Magazine, Special Collector's Edition:
The Complete Sourcebook
 Just published.

This annual Sourcebook edition of Richmond Magazine contains numerous historic images from several area repositories and private collections. The magazine includes four images selected by three Shockoe Examiner contributors who were asked to share with the magazine what they considered their "favorite historic" Richmond image. The images chosen by Ray Bonis, Edward Ragan, and Selden Richardson are all quite different. An abbreviated online version spotlighting those images and a few others can be accessed HERE - but we suggest you pick up a copy of the magazine for the longer, more complete remarks about the images by Bonis, Ragan, and Richardson.

The images of the newsboys taken by Lewis Hines in June of 1911 seen on the cover of the magazine will be discussed in a longer  blog entry to be posted later this month.


Anonymous said...

Can you still get a copy of this?

Anonymous said...

by now (April 5th) prob. not....

local libraries still have copies