Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"New View of A Western Section of Richmond..." - 1906 view of the Fan with Richmond College in Background.

"New View of A Western Section of Richmond Which Has Recently Built Up By Leaps and Bounds" - The Photograph Which Is Produced Here, Was Taken from the Roof of the Chesterfield at Shafer and Franklin Streets.

- From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 25, 1906.

Now this is a View!  105 years ago.  Not a clear image - but about the only one I have come across showing Richmond College (the big building on the right) and its orientation facing downtown.

Click on the image to see a larger view. See the entire article HERE (the article continues on this page). From Chronicling America

- Ray B.


HEK said...

I have a hard copy of this image, which was a photograph taken of a photograph. I thought it was at the Valentine, but when I went to retrieve if for my Ragtime book, the V. couldn't locate it, or didn't have the image in question. I cannot now recall where I found the picture.

Hovering over the southern wing of Richmond College is the Shenandoah Apartments.

Ray said...

Well, maybe its in the public domain now - can you scan us a copy?

- Ray