Monday, September 26, 2011

Name this Richmond street.

What Richmond street is this?  Time period?  What is the building on the left? What is the church building on the right?

- Ray


It is Broad Street, from about 1910, with what is now Old City hall on the left. Broad Street Methodist Church on the right.


Tess said...

Old City Hall, Broad St. Hard to tell the time period -- maybe turn of the century? Not sure about the church!

Anonymous said...

The church is the Broad Street Methodist Church designed by Albert West in 1858-59.I would guess the photo was taken between 1940 and 1900.

Bob Winthrop

Ray Bonis -- Selden Richardson. said...

Tess and Robert were right. Robert is a Richmond architectural historian so it is a given he'd get it right and he wrote a book called Architecture in Downtown Richmond in 1982.


Thanks Tess and Robert.

Tess said...

:) The part I got was easy -- Old City Hall is unmistakeable. Do you know when the photo was taken?

Bluefield Times said...

Tess - I think the photo dates from the 1910s - by 1920 the steeple on the church was gone. Also, the image is from an old postcard that appears to be from the 1910s (I wrote a book on Richmond architecture using old postcards and this seems to fit that decade - the 1910s - perfectly. Plus, no automobiles - by the 1920s you see many more than the decade before.

I'll post another mystery image next week.

- Ray

Tess said...

Thanks! I love these.