Friday, June 1, 2012

Name this location in Richmond and when and what building is being completed in the background.


Amblus said...

Shafer Court at VCU, and it looks like the Cabell library is being built.

Anonymous said...

Cabell Library upper floors being added about 1975 with Shafer Court in foreground

Ray Bonis -- Selden Richardson. said...

You are correct.

I found the image here:

The publication is dated 1979 but the image is more like 1975 when the top three floors of the Cabell Library were completed.

- Ray

History Replays Today said...

Hibbs looks like it has gone through very few changes over the years.

Thanks for the photos

Anonymous said...

The photo reminds me that my impression was that they seemed to be mopping the halls at Hibbs with the same water they cooked hot dogs in downstairs in the cafeteria.

Nice early reuse of resources on the part of good old VCU. They could tear Hibbs down and I don't think we would be missing a whole lot.