Friday, May 17, 2013

Bob Dylan, The Mosque, Richmond, Virginia - 1966?

I think this poster is for his 1966 concert at the Mosque in Richmond - I'll check the newspapers on microfilm from this time to double check. Maybe there will be a review.

- Ray


Anonymous said...

I attended this concert with my girlfriend, now wife of 47 years. In those days, most of our college classmates regarded Bob Dylan fans as wierdos. The most popular groups among collegians then were the Beach Boys and the Supremes. This concert took place just as Dylan was transitioning from folk music to rock. He performed the first half of the concert acoustic. When he came on stage fot the second half, he carried an electric guitar. When he started playing, somewhere between 25% and 33% of the audience walked out in protest of his "betrayal" of the folk traditon. We stayed and enjoyed. The poster advertising this concert (pictured above)is worth in the neighborhood of $5000 now. I got mine for free from a neighborhood restaurant that was using the back of the poster as a sign giving its hours of operation.

Anonymous said...

Jim Anderson

Anonymous said...

I was at this show during my first year at UVA...the first half of the concert was vintage Dylan acoustic music with his harmonica and guitar. When he came on stage for the second set (as Anonymous said) a large number of audience members left in protest. I was blown away by Robbie Robertson and others in the back up band that became The Band. This concert and Dylan's whole transition changed the entire music scene.