Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bohannon's Records and Tapes, 900 block of W. Grace St.

In the 1980s this record store on the 900 block W. Grace St. near VCU, opposite of the old Village Cafe location, sold records, cassettes, posters, T-Shirts, and some smoking paraphernalia. Frankly, it had little of any of those things. Some how they seemed to stay open most of the 1980s despite the few people that went into the store. This image is from 1987. The VCU police department is now located in this building.

- Ray


Unknown said...

I did work in that record store in the 80,s in basement where they had a silk screen to do shirts and basement was full of smoking items

Anonymous said...

As a frequent customer of this store in the 80's, my understanding was that the police were always trying to shut it down because they sold smoking items. This was quite rare at the time. It's interesting that the location is now a police station.