Friday, June 13, 2014

A Day in Rock, Friday, Dec. 15th, 1989 - Richmond's entry. From Spin Magazine, April, 1990.

I remember this item from Spin Magazine from years ago (24 years ago to be exact). I had ripped it out of the magazine to save. That didn't work out - lost it years ago.  So I recently found it through Google Books. It is from the April 1990 issue of Spin Magazine - from a larger article called "Rock Around the Clock: A Day in the Life of Rock and Roll" - that day being Friday, Dec. 15, 1989. The article includes entries from across the nation for that particular day - focusing on well known and local rock acts, on large and small venues, recording studios, etc. They even included Richmond.

The Richmond entry:
5:30 - Flood Zone - Richmond, Virginia.  

The Good Guys whipped into "Right Back at You" during their sound check. The horns wailed, the bass throbbed, Jimi Gore sweated. The executive types unwinding at the bar hollered for more. 

While Tom Brokaw did his segment on hard rock college on his TV broadcast, White Heat unloaded their equipment.

The Sun went down. It got cold. Dirt Woman, Richmond's replacement for Divine, strolled down Grace Street in the "battle zone" outside Newgate. Friday night was officially underway.  

To see the original article, click HERE

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