Saturday, July 5, 2014

Richmond history found on Ebay.

Here are a few recent EBAY finds - where I just "borrowed" the images. The item above is a ribbon from the unveiling of the Robert E. Lee Monument on May 29, 1890.

Hull Street streetcar line, 1947. You can see white people sitting up front and African Americans sitting in the back. 

Another image of a Richmond streetcar dated 1947 I found - from the same dealer selling the first image. This is the Highland Park line. 

A 1958 newspaper image of the interior of a local laundromat near Richmond Professional Institute (now VCU) with college student art work on display.  I bet this is the laundromat that was on Harrison St. near Grove Ave - in a building that was once a nice house built in the 1890s.

- Ray.

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Anonymous said...

Any idea what that building is in the first photo? Don't recall seeing anything like it before.