Sunday, August 3, 2014

Let's Keep Baseball on the Boulevard and Not Screw Up Shockoe Bottom

  Proposed New Baseball Stadium on the Boulevard.

Below are some recent articles dealing with the issue of whether or not Richmond should back the Mayor's plan to build a baseball stadium in the middle of Shockoe Bottom using public monies or just use private funds to fix up the current stadium on the Boulevard. 

What do our readers think? We'd love to know.
- Ray 

The Links:  

Back on Base: It’s time to save The Diamond and move Richmond forward.



Christine said...

The Boulevard is a much better location than the Bottom. Easy to get to, lots of room for building, potential to revitalize the neighborhood. The Bottom is harder to get in and out of, potential for flooding, very confusing meld of history and tourism. Although -- I always thought that Manchester would be the best site -- great skyline view, easy access, lots of available land.

Ray Bonis said...


- Ray

Plus how long would a baseball team stay in Richmond. What if we build a baseball park and no one comes?

Gaston LeBoux said...

I've only lived in Richmond for the past year and in the Shockoe area for the past month, so I'm not speaking as someone that has ties to the city or its culture. But I have a very strong opinion against putting the stadium here.

A stadium will cause a nightmare for traffic (worse than it already is) and completely kill the vibe of this area.

I do think something should be done with the giant gravel parking lots, and something most likely will happen to, it's just a matter of time. The stadium and hotels just aren't the answer in my opinion.

The Mad Giggler said...

I think the current stadium should either be fix up or razed and a new one built on the same site. I don't think the Shockoe area is suitable for a ballpark.