Monday, September 1, 2014

Can you identify this building, location, time period, etc.

This might be a tough image to identify but also very fun. 

What is this building? The name of it? Location? About when was this image taken? One hint - this building has been demolished and was located in Richmond (naturally). I'll give more hints if the need arises. 

For those who do Know - let others respond first so we can see the range of speculation. I will post an image of what stands in this location at present later iln the week. Thanks to Selden for finding this rare view.

- Ray


Russ McDowell said...

St Andrew's Church on Oregon Hill.

Ray said...

No, but it is a church.

So, that's one hint, a church.

Second hint, it stood on a cross street in Richmond east of Belvidere.

- Ray

Ray said...

Another hint - this church's congregation still exists in the West End. This is their first building. It moved from this street around the corner.

- Ray

ray said...

another hint - All Saints Presbyterian Church - this is their first building. So where was it?

- Ray

Angela said...

North Pine near Grace?

Ray said...

no, not Pine

It's east of Belvidere.... west of Fouchee....

Mike said...

W Franklin between Madison & Monroe

Ray B. said...

It's All Saint's Episcopal Church built in the early 1890s - stood on the east side of Madison Street between W. Franklin and W. Grace. It was designed by Richmond architect Marion Dimmock. This building was demolished, I think, in the 1940s. Was only used about 10 years and then the growing congregation built a church building around the corner on the 300 block of W. Franklin St. ca. 1905. That building was torn down around 1963 to make way for the Berkshire Apt. building. All Saints Episcopal Church now resides in the West End. If you want more info. about this old church and the one that stood on W. Franklin, just email me,

Thanks for participating in this tough image to identify. Next time something a little easier.
- Ray.