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Rock Music History in Richmond, VA - Some Links - Send Us More.

Richmond, Virginia
and Rock & Roll
 "Miami, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Raleigh, North Carolina
Washington D.C.
Oh, and Richmond, Virginia too"
- from "Night Train" by James Brown, 1962(song originally written by Johhny Hodges and revised by Jimmy Forest)
Check out these links to Richmond, Virginia rock music history
- let us know if you have others to add.
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Elvis Presley in Richmond at the Mosque, 1956 - Here he is inches away from Main St.

First Psychedelic Rock Concert in Richmond (and Virginia) took place 4 W. Broad Street, August 4, 1967.
Richmond, Virginia Garage Rock - "Hey Joe" by the Hazards, 1967.
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shafer Court, VCU, April 14, 1989.
Neil Young visits Plan 9 Music in Richmond's Carytown, April 16, 2011.
ThroTTle Magazine - 30 Years Later and Counting.
Film of VCU's Monroe Park Campus from ca. 1977 - Over 30 Years Ago.

Rare images of Springsteen in Richmond - Found at this SITE
Bruce Springsteen and friends, VCU Franklin St. Gym, Richmond - Feb. 14, 1973.

BruceBase - Every Springsteen concert - including all his Richmond shows. 
"Oregon Hill" - by the Cowboy Junkies, 1992.
Your Spring Park Trip, Monroe Park concert, April 5, 1970 - 40 years ago.
 Garage Rock in Richmond, VA

Richmond Music Journal

A brief history of 929 West Grace [Twisters, Back Door,...]  RVA
  WJRB AM 820 - VCU's student run radio, l967-1970s
 Great site created by RPI/VCU alum.

"Strive" - Church of God in Christ Youth Choir - Richmond, Virginia, 1976.

WRIR Presents: RVA Music History Tumblr Site.

'Elvis at 21' Exhibit at VMFA- Includes information about the Kiss at the Mosque

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