Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Harris Stilson's photographs of Richmond - You can help preserve them!

Another great image of Richmond by Harris H. Stilson.
It shows the Belmont Avenue streetcar which derailed and plowed
into Roland Galvin’s fence. The accident occurred on January 23, 1930.

I keep getting reminded what a great photograph collection that Kitty Snow has of her great grandfather's. I came across the one above and below that can be found on her Facebook page and her site, Richmond Views.  

From Kitty Snow's Facebook page - on the back of this photograph is written "girl scouts marking time before the parade." She writes that the "parade was surely the Elks, which performed every Sunday in Jackson Ward, and the location is Marshall Street..."

We should all support Kitty's work at preserving this great collection of photographs. More about the collection and how you can help - this text is from her site Richmond Views:

Richmond Views was created by Kitty Snow to share history, pictures and stories from Richmond, VA. Its companion site is Richmond In Sight’s http://www.richmondinsight.com. RIS is non-profit and is dedicated to preserving and restoring the photography collection of Harris H. Stilson. He was a Richmond streetcar driver and prolific photographer whose pictures from the early 1900s offer a glimpse into the city’s past rarely captured on film. African Americans, Jewish immigrants, laborers, storekeepers…these are Harry Stilson’s subjects. His great-granddaughter, Kitty Snow, is a real estate broker who believes that Richmond deserves to know the Richmond Harry Stilson saw. Her love for our city has inspired thousands of hours of research, indexing, collecting of oral histories and more to identify and explain the Stilson collection and the Richmond he knew.
Kitty has written three books, From A Richmond Streetcar, On the West Clay Line, and Up & Down Church Hill to share stories and scenes he captured in his lens. She is currently completing her fourth book. The books include Stilson photos, journal entries and oral histories of Richmonders who grew up in the neighborhoods Harry roamed, camera in hand.  Her goal by creating Richmond In Sight is to present this material in various venues such as schools and community associations and to introduce Richmonders to a view they may have not encountered before. Richmond personality Tim Timberlake described the photos as “a slice of life that the Dementis may have missed.” He’s right.

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