Sunday, February 19, 2017

So what was that image? Where was that?

Here's the image we posted about two weeks ago:

This shows the 700 block of W. Grace Street looking north. This is the corner of Grace and Pine. That is an apartment building on the right - it's still there. That church is Cavalry Baptist Church which became Immanuel Baptist Church some years later.  This image is from a 1973 VCU yearbook so the image may date from that time. [I thought this was another location on Grace St - see the comments - Ray.]

And here's where that site looks like today  [From Google Maps street view retrieved Feb. 2017]:

Can anyone share am image of the Cavalry Baptist Church building when it stood on the 700 block of W. Broad St.? I may ask the church if they have one.
- Ray

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Anonymous said...

The apartment building was torn down in May 2017 to make room for another parking lot for the Arts Center.