Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The House Between L. H. Jenkins company of Richmond, Virginia, 1917.

A very generous fan of the Shockoe Exmainer sent the following publication to me. I thought I'd share it. This is the first time I'm sharing a PDF so let's see if this works.  Just click on this link below and let me know if you can view it. If so, I'll add a little more info. about the company. 

The House Between - 1917 publication by the L. H. Jenkins company of Richmond - publisher, printer, and book binder.

- Ray


Anonymous said...

Yes, I can open the PDF and read it. Very interesting.

rocketwerks said...

What a treasure, although surprising that a booklet advertising their publishing capabilities omits any mention of their address. Went looking and found that you had that covered too, with your August 2010 post on the topic.