Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Asparagus Farm and other observations from Emphasis on Virginians, June 1968.

 Laurel Street entrance to The Asparagus Farm.

Rare issue of Emphasis on Virginians, June 1968.

Selden shared this magazine with me. From what I could find there were only seven issues of this magazine issued, from June 1968 to December 1968. The Library of Virginia has them.

The article from this issue of magazine I scanned had to do with night clubs for young Virginians. It includes information about two clubs in Richmond - A.J.'s Gaslight (run by Andy Frank, Jr. whose father owned and operated the restaurant Andy's which stood on the 900 block of W. Grace St. where many students from Richmond Professional Institute would hang out) and The Asparagus Farm, the first psychedelic rock club in Richmond. It closed by the end of September of 1967. Share your memories of these early Richmond clubs. 

Read the article HERE

- Ray.

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