Friday, June 25, 2010

Hollywood Cemetery Tour, June 5, 2010

A few contributors of The Shockoe Examiner hosted a tour of Hollywood Cemetery on June 5th (a very hot day, the first of many in June of 2010). Here are a few images from the tour for those interested.

 John Kneebone took this image.

Another image by John Kneebone. This cast iron fence is one of the most decorative in the cemetery.

VCU History Professors: Ryan Smith and Brian Daugherity have a moment together 
- taken by John K.

It was Jefferson Davis Birthday two days earlier and some unreconstructed Confederates were celebrating near the Davis resting place while we toured.  John K. caught the smoke from a muzzle as the Davis ceremonies took place.

Tyler Potterfield led the tour - the James behind him here in a shot by Ray Bonis, who organized the tour.
Image by Ray B.

A "new" addition to Hollywood. I think this frog has been here for about 5 years. We would love to learn more about this - anyone know the story?  Image 
by Linda George.

Another image by Linda.  Very impressive.

Another cross image by Linda.

The guard dog in Hollywood,
image by Jodi Koste.
Trautman, a dog owned by Libby's sister. Libby, who was on the tour,
says Trautman looks a lot like the guard dog and we agree.

Tyler thinks this guard dog is new to Hollywood.

Photo by Jodi Koste.

Jodi Koste., archivist at the Tompkins-McCaw Library at the Medical College of Virginia campus of VCU, took a number of images of the grave stones of medical doctors in Hollywood. 

Another dead doctor in Hollywood - 
with Dr. Charles Brownell and Gay Acompando in the distance.
Photo by Jodi K.

Tyler spoke of the original entrance looking like a ruin and
here's a great shot of that from Richmond, Virginia: Her Advantages and Attractions... 
published ca. 1895 by J. L. Hill Printing Co., Richmond, Va.

Jodi took this image of the "ruin" wall.

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katherine j said...

For those interested in the iconography of the cast iron fence-the top tier shows grapes and the bottom tier has small figural heads of Jesus. It is meant to recall the eucharist, the blood and body of Christ.

The inverted torch represents life extinguished, and the laurel wreath, circular to represent perpetuity/ eternal life, also recalls the laurels bestowed on the gods, recognition and reward.