Thursday, June 24, 2010

Undertaker's Row?

We received an email from a fan of the Shockoe Examiner wanting to know the origin of "Undertaker’s Row" in Richmond. This person lives on the 3200 block of E. Broad across from Chimborazo Park and the city tax assessor classified that block as “Tobacco Row/ Undertakers Row.”< Any ideas? Maybe the city assessor is just wrong?

Is there another area of the city that had a large number of  funeral homes?


Anonymous said...

Scott's Funeral Home used to be at 2223 East Main Street, which kind of backs up to Tobacco Row, but that is the only connection I can see between these two industries. I know the idea is far-fetched, but I think the assessor just had his locations mixed up.

Ray B. said...

I think you're right.