Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where in Richmond? It is Shafer Court, 1967.

We have some winners of our image "contest." What do they win? The Glory to brag! Thanks for participating. 

So what image is that and where and when - the answer is Shafer Court in front of the old section of the Hibbs Building - a new addition is being built. This image is from the 1967 Cobblestone - the yearbook for Richmond Professional Institute (now VCU). So what is Shafer Court?

Shafer Court (the image above by Ken Hopson) is the 200 block of North Shafer Street. It has been the main thoroughfare on the Monroe Park campus since 1930 - when VCU was RPI. Closed to automobile traffic in 1967, the court was enlarged in 1981 when the 800 block of Park Ave. was also closed to traffic. In the late 1990s, the pavement was replaced with cement and bricks and a large black and gold compass created a focal point on the Monroe Park Campus.

Want to see more groovy images from the 1960s or even further back?  VCU Libraries has worked with the Internet Archive to provide all of the RPI, MCV, and VCU student yearbooks (or student annuals) online.  Also available are the alumni magazines for VCU and MCV. Enjoy!

- Ray B.

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