Friday, January 7, 2011

Panorama of Richmond by Alexander Gardner, April 1865.

Another important view (like the image seen in the previous blog entry) of Richmond in April of 1865 is by Alexander Gardner. As noted on the Civil War Richmond site, this "panorama was taken from the western edge of Church Hill. The street running left and right through the foreground is 20th street, and the street perpendicular to that is Grace street." 

Thanks to Jeffrey Ruggles for this hint: The image was made up of 4 plates and available from the National Archives web site. The reference numbers to search for at that site are:
524555,  526378, 524454, and 524470. The Virginia Historical Society has a reprint made in 1961.

Jeffrey also suggested I look online at the view of Richmond from Church Hill that might be the earliest - if is of a daguerreotype image dated 1853-56 - available from the Valentine Richmond History Center HERE.

Here are some more panorama images from the Civil War Richmond site.

Here are the four images of the Gardner Panorama View  below:





- Ray B.

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