Friday, April 1, 2011

W. H. Eanes - Tinning, Plumbing and Gas Fitting, 1307 W. Main St., Richmond, ca. 1905

These two wonderful images come to us from Stephen R. Jackson, a native of Richmond who now lives in Norfolk and is a fan of the Shockoe Examiner. Stephen's great-grandfather, William Henry Eanes, ran the company. 

Stephen would like to learn more about the Eanes plumbing company, the plumbing business in Richmond, and the Eanes family. That is his great aunt in the photograph, born in 1900. Email us if you have any more information about Eanes plumbing, etc.

W, H. Eanes, Inc. stood at 1307 W. Main St. – they were later known as Eanes and Co. when they moved to 1305 W. Main St.


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