Monday, August 17, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different - A Few Richmond City Directories (1855, 1856, 1881-1884).

Image from the 1883-84 City Directory of Richmond, Virginia.The asterisk denotes "Colored" or African American. Notice the occupations listed. Here's a site that lists directory abbreviations.

Image from the 1883-84 City Directory of Richmond, Virginia. These directories are full of great advertisements.

The street sections of directories can help identify who lived in a particular house. Often times the first appearance of a building in a directory indicates when it was constructed.

City directories are great resources. Here are a few online - see below. We'll have more about city directories in the future. Check these out and report back what interesting things you find in them. And let us know about any others you find online. And thanks to Libby McDaniel for finding the two earliest ones online.

- Ray 

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Sarah said...

Thank you for helping me dredge up a long-lost memory of seeing James Brown at the Arena when I was in high school - it must have been 1968 or '69. Dang I'm old.