Monday, August 24, 2015

Recent Ebay findings.

Here are a few images of Richmond related items for sale that I came across on ebay the last few days (except for the James Brown item - saw that a few months ago). I did not buy any of these items - sometimes downloading the images and saving those are good enough. Really neat items here: 

Allen and Ginter Cut Plug Tobacco tin.

Valentine's Meat-Juice Company envelope, 1893. That meat juice was behind the money used by Mann Valentine who founded what is now the Valentine Museum. 

Concert promotional postcard for a James Brown show at the Richmond Arena.  What year was this concert?

Unidentified woman from a photograph studio at 34 W. Leigh Street, ca. 1900.

E. Main Street, 1870s, stereo view by D. H. Anderson. 

Larger view.

Rear view of the stereo card. 

- Ray

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