Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Main Street Grill, 17th & Main, Richmond, Virginia, USA 'Convenient to the James River'

One of my favorite Richmond postcards - most especially for the tag line - "Convenient to the James River." --  Located at 1700 E. Main Street, this image was taken by the owner of the establishment after the building was submerged by the flood of November 4-7, 1985. Grillcard #1, copyright 1991, Photo by Jeffrey Ruggles.

See more Richmond postcards at VCU Libraries Digital Collections' site "Rarely Seen Richmond."

- Ray. 


rocketwerks said...

Love the fact that you can see the 17th and East Main Streets signs just above the waterline.

Ray Bonis -- Selden Richardson. said...

I agree - Ray.