Friday, October 20, 2017

Godzilla attacks Richmond (the original print dates from 1851).

Godzilla crosses the James from Manchester.

The original print (before the influence of post-war nuclear radiation) dates from 1851. 

Entitled "View of Richmond: from the Union Hill" this print was "drawn on stone by E. Sachse. Lith. of E. Sachse & Co. No. 3 N. Liberty Str. Baltimore MD. The firm of E. Sachse was one of the earliest lithographers to utilize the medium of multiple-stone color lithography and is one of the most important lithographers working in America during the nineteenth-century. Reps dates the print 1854, although the copyright date on this impression clearly states 1851 which puts it in line with the date of the other Sachse view of Richmond “View of Richmond: From the Church Hill.”--- from The Old Print Shop, Wash., D.C. retrieved 10/20/2017 - see:

Does anyone have an idea who added the Japanese monster to this image? They did a great job.

- Ray

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